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While flying on vacation over the South Seas the President of the United States of America young Fitness Instructor Perry Shoot, Parachuted into hostile enemy territory. Falling into the hands of General overkill of the Trigger-happy Thievery group (T.H.T.G for short) his capture becomes front page news across the world. Rather than starting a war with the trigger happy camp and the surrounding territories, the President plans for a hit and run mission. He promptly dispatches a group of specially trained commandos led by Sergeant Green, his mission is to find the one animal who can complete the mission successfully. 2 days after the kidnapping a chopper lands in Hamsters back yard and just hours later the Sergeant briefs him about the situation at hand. Hamster climbs aboard the chopper that takes him before the President. There the details of the plan are revealed for the mission should our hero decide to accept. In return for rescuing young Perry he will be granted enough money for his Nephew and himself to live on easy street for life. The President warns Hamster that if he fails and gets captured he will be on his own. Familiar to the dangers of missions like this Hamster bravely accepts and he and Luke leave on the first chopper out. Now behind enemy line will Hamster succeed, or will he and his nephew Luke meet their doom at the hands of General Overkill and the T.H.C Find out in

Padded Paws of Fury